Jian Bing (煎饼) is a popular breakfast and nighttime snack in northern parts of China. It is a magical crepe filled with egg and crispy fried dough, garnished with green onion and cilantro, and smeared with savory and spicy Chinese sauces. When Jian Bing Johnny lived in Beijing, he was mesmerized by the magical swirl of batter, the sizzle of the egg, the flick of greens, the flip so impossible, the swish of the sauce brush… One day in 2012, Jian Bing Johnny woke up in Berkeley, having dreamt of continuing the Jian Bing tradition by bicycle. Towing a custom-made food bike (Vessel Bikes), Jian Bing Johnny is now serving in the East Bay. Follow @JianBingJohnnys on Twitter and Facebook to see if he's in a neighborhood near you. All photos by Olivia Smartt.